’s EveryBlock Offers Firehose API to Publishers

EveryBlock, the hyperlocal news aggregator, is opening up its firehose, releasing an application-programming interface to its partners that will give them access to all EveryBlock feeds, calling it a heavyweight alternative to the customizable widget it launched in August.

Daniel X. O’Neil, co-founder and people person at EveryBlock, wrote on the EveryBlock Blog:

Today we’re announcing the EveryBlock partner API, a new way for our content partners to deliver neighborhood news at the level of neighborhood or city block.

This API is designed to provide you with raw access to the latest neighborhood news on EveryBlock, across all of the cities we serve. Read our documentation for more information.

This is a “firehose” API that delivers up to 24 hours of news items across our 16 cities. Since we deal with a diversity of news that varies in kind and format from city to city, this API is intended to serve partners with heavy-duty needs and who can devote a goodly amount of development time to work with the data.

We’re excited about what people might build with the partner API. We’d love to hear from large publishers that are looking to highlight the diversity of our news, the up-to-the-moment recency, and the growing community of users who post news and information near them. We’re already working with a number of publishers, and we’re excited to help get their projects launched with current EveryBlock news baked right in. Let us know what you think!