MSNBC and CondeNet Form Partnership

annie_gets.jpg and CondeNet have reached an interesting content deal that potentially benefits both brands greatly. The deal involves well-established CondeNet online properties like and, as well as Conde Nast high-end glossy titles, like Vogue, Gourmet and Vanity Fair. Sandor Marik, director-marketing for CondeNet, notes in AdAge that the partnership could extend the reach of their content. From Andrew Hampp of AdAge:

”So news from won’t appear on, but a political piece from Christopher Hitchens could easily show up next to’s political coverage. Additionally, its lifestyle section, which normally focuses on segments and features from NBC’s ‘Today’ show, will be largely enhanced under the new deal.”

”Jim Pollock, business development manager for, said there is always potential for the new relationship to extend into the on-air realm as well. ‘With MSNBC cable and with the Today show, there are crossover possibilities in just about everything we do.”’

The acerbic Christopher Hitchens, with his remarkably well-timed meditations on atheism and Mother Theresa, is particularly good on cable. MSNBC is the logical venue for his controversial style (Full Disclosure: I interned under Hitchens at The Nation). And Andre Leon Talley and Anna Wintour are tailor-made for the audience of the Today Show.