MSN Video App for Windows Phone: Nice App But Missing "Social"

Microsoft released the free MSN Video app for Windows Phone this week. It provides video clips from a number of large commercial content providers (Animal Planet, CNBC, Discovery, FOX Sports, MSNBC).

News: Miss the game? Try the new MSN Video app

Clips are organized into a number of categories (no technology category, btw). Clips are available in standard and high quality (HQ).

A thumbnail from each clip provides an idea of what might be in the video itself. While the video clips are entertaining and look good, there are a couple of shortcomings I’d like to see addressed in the near future.

The first problem is the pre-roll commercial length. Commercials do not precede all videos. However, in one case I was forced to sit (actually stand) through a 30 second commercial to watch a 46 second clip. A 5 to 8 second pre-roll for a sub-minute video seems more reasonable.

The second issue is the app’s inability to share videos. I was not able to, for example, share a video via Twitter or Facebook or email a link to someone. The app definitely needs some kind of way to let Windows Phone users share the apps’ videos.

FYI: I went to Google’s YouTube to find the video seen in the Windows Phone MSN Video screenshot (left). Here it is:

Video courtesy of YouTube