MS&L Divisions Rattle Sabers Over Holiday Decorations


PRNewser has obtained exclusive photos and leaked documents detailing the holiday carnage of the Holiday Cheer Wars taking place at the New York offices of Manning, Selvage & Lee (MS&L) between the the 9th and 10th floors. Seemingly dozens of loopy account executives are involved. We suspect eggnog was involved.


The feverish fighting became viral, spilling over in to Facebook, allowing a glimpse at the battlefield. Team H.O.H.O.H.O (Healthcare-Oriented Holiday Ornamentation & cHeer Org.) is outnumbered by the “If Santa worked 80 hours a week he would decorate his office like this!” Group, 27 members to 47.


The “If Santa…” team had to use “Elf intelligence” (an actual quote) to beat HOHOHO’s added army of Nutcrackers perched atop cubicle walls. According to If Santa representative Lauren Bobrowich, “a few late nights of brainstorms and several charitable donations from senior staffers, our team was able to pay off Santa and his Elves to come in and puke holiday spirit all over our hallway.” The final push included a $10 train set encircling a Ficus plant adorned with the Star of David.


(MS&L’s 9th Floor)

The smaller, feistier HOHOHO group is claiming credit for the move to the Internet according to Account Exec Christopher Pearsall. “We took the garland and lights to the next level, and added a dozen nutcrackers perched on our cube walls, but our ‘digital/WOM campaign’ really pushed it over the top. The other team didn’t have a prayer.”

We’re not sure we can declare a winner though we appreciate the sentiment. We do hope the roughly 75 public relations professionals involved get some time off next week. Happy Holidays MS&L!