Mrs. Kornblut Writes In To Her Rock Star Daughter

From Anne Kornblut’s chat today:

    Anne K: Rock Star!: Hey Anne! I just wanted to tell you how much these chats have increased (all of your) visibility) to the normal news reader. Through the course of the final election coverage, I, just like everyone, had the opportunity to see things like the video of Dana Milbank’s debate drinking game, and I thought, “What’s Shailagh Murray up to now!” when I saw her downing the brews with Dana. Then, of course, I saw “the choice” on PBS and I saw Dan Balz, and I was explaining his position with your esteemed organization to my family … then I said a few scenes later, “and that is Anne Kornblut; she writes for The Post and hosts a chat.”

    I had an a ha moment. We are being more connected to your paper through the reporters. Who knew that we would have this regular connection with reporters of the paper, as it were? Who would have thought that a reporter could be a rock star, just based on her ability/availability to talk to the masses on a regular basis? These chats are what make a must-visit Web site!

    Anne E. Kornblut: Mom, is that you? I am kidding, of course — and very appreciative of your kind words. In a time when newspapers are struggling, the Post has made a strategic decision to try to connect us with the readership more, for exactly the reasons you cite — to help everyone understand who we are, and to give our institution credibility, and to feel like we’re all part of the same mission of uncovering and interpreting the events of the day. And I have to say, with a few glaring exceptions, I love it. (Notes like this more than make up for the hate mail).