MRI to Bump Up Measured Magazine Ads

Mediamark Research & Intelligence is vying to increase advertisers’ confidence in ad-starved magazines by significantly expanding the number of magazine ads it measures.
Launched in June, MRI’s AdMeasure service was meant to meet advertisers’ and media companies’ demand for a service that brings magazine audience measurement closer to that of electronic media.
MRI said that in 2010, it would measure consumer recall and response to more than 155,000 ads in 3,100-plus magazine issues by measuring every national ad in every issue across 200 titles—representing a fivefold increase in the number of ads measured.
With the expansion, MRI says AdMeasure will raise print ad measurement to the level of TV and Internet ratings.
“We hope AdMeasure will become the currency of ad measurement for magazines,” said Anne Marie Kelly, senior vp of marketing and strategic planning for MRI. She said MRI was “close to” signing up several big media companies for the service, which already has Starcom USA and Time Inc. as clients.
Rival Affinity Research is working on a similar service, the American Magazine Study, that’s set to launch in 2010.
The MRI move is just the latest effort to improve the way ads are measured in a multiplatform media landscape. A coalition of leading media companies, agencies and advertisers recently announced a research effort aimed at innovating TV audience measurement, while a number of firms are exploring set-top box measurement and cross-platform research.
Expanding the number of magazine ads measured will make AdMeasure more meaningful by creating a database big enough to demonstrate how advertisements perform across types of ad creative and magazine genres, said Betsy Frank, chief research and insights officer for Time Inc.
“Results and the focus on results is without a doubt the No. 1 thing buyers are focused on,” Frank said. “The full effect won’t be instantaneous, but the potential for what magazines will be able to demonstrate is just huge now.”