Mr. Blobby IV, Holy Emperor of the United Kingdoms

As a designer, if there was one thing you could look back upon and say, “Yep, that was the day I really made it,” it would likely be the day you were crowned “Design King” or “Mr. Design.” For Will Alsop, who is widely considered to be the front runner in the search, he’ll possibly have that day if he gets the title of London’s “Design Tsar.” But, like anything work getting, there’s fighting among the ranks about whether or not he, a “radical architect” should receive the coveted position and be at the helm of what happens in and around the future major city. Here’s some:

Will Alsop, whose series of controversial buildings and city plans earned him the nickname of Mr. Blobby because of his passion for curved forms, buildings on stilts and bright colours, has applied to become director of design for London. The move is widely viewed as a challenge to an establishment of which he has become increasingly critical.

The new post, to be filled next month, will merit a salary of £100,000 and command the key role of merging the Greater London Authority’s architecture and urbanism unit and the London Development Agency’s design team. The chosen figure will also have a significant influence as a link with the Olympic Delivery Authority and other bodies.

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