Mr. Belding is Most Often Asked…

Ron Bonjean tests out the ice luge.

Mr. Belding poses with party guests.

Questions began buzzing even before Ron and Sara Bonjean’s infamous holiday party in Alexandria got started Saturday night.

“What do they do with Mr. Belding once they pick him up at the airport?”  one partygoer asked. Possibilities included drinking, drinking and more drinking and a presumed drunken Belding by the time guests arrived.

The questions were prompted by RNC Chairman Michael Steele‘s spokesman Doug Heye‘s surreal late afternoon tweet in which he said he was on his way to the airport to pick up Mr. Belding. Dennis Haskins played Belding the principal from “Saved by Bell” and was inexplicably hired to hang with Washington types at Bonjean’s home.

Belding was nothing but hospitable. Like many, he too didn’t quite comprehend what he was doing at the insidery Washington party. But he was as amiable as it gets and not drunk. All night long he delighted guests by posing for pictures. One partygoer asked if he remembered dating a woman named “Donna.” He shook his head, bewildered. “I just turned 60,” the actor replied with a grin. Guests marveled over his low v-neck that showcased a medallion and small field of white chest hair.

Heye asked Belding some pretty pointed questions in the car from the airport — and thank God so we didn’t have to get all into it with Belding at the party. He told Heye that Screech is somewhat of a hot mess as of late (not those exact words, but that was the gist of it). Heye asked, “What question to do you get most often?” Belding replied that most inquiries are about Tiffani-Amber Theissen‘s (her character was Kelly Kapowski on the show) phone number. (He didn’t actually know it.)

The party included an ice luge (as shown in these photographs).

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Party Guests (in no particular order)

WSJ‘s Patrick O’Connor, ABC News’s Rick Klein, Roll Call’s Jackie Kucinich, former Politico reporter and media consultant Anne Schroeder Mullins, FBDC’s and QGA’s Matt Dornic, Glenn Ballard, NRSC Spokesman Brian Walsh, CNN’s Senior White House Correspondent Ed Henry, former TWT Editor Sam Dealey, lobbyist Jeff Kimbell, New York Post‘s Charlie Hurt, Brad Dayspring, Ryan Loskarn, Politico‘s Jonathan Allen, Patrick Gavin, Kiki Ryan and Amie Parnes, Jared Allen, Fox News’s Chad Pergram, The Hill‘s A.B. Stoddard, Sam Youngman and Emily Goodin, Tim Burger, NJ‘s Reid Wilson, WaPo‘s Aaron Blake, Rep. Darrell Issa’s press secretary Kurt Bardella, and TWT‘s Stephen Dinan.