Mpowerplayer Adds MySpace App to Roster

Mpowerplayer, the mobile game arcade that lets you try before you buy, has launched its MySpace application. Similar to the Facebook app launched just two weeks ago, the Mpowerplayer app on MySpace lets you discover mobile games and try them on for size. With a mobile interface directly in the application, its easy enough to get a well-rounded simulation of how the game will actually work on your cell phone.

Aside from the need to click on the mobile phone buttons instead of being able to use your thumbs, the simulation works pretty well. For each game (and mpowerplayer has a number of fun and popular games to try out), there is a link for purchasing that game and having it sent to your mobile phone.

The Mpowerplayer application on MySpace is another good move for he mobile arcade company, as it taps into yet another community of users and takes advantage of MySpace’s network for recommending games to friends and sending out updates about what games are being played and recommended by friends. Given the MySpace demographic and the social network’s dedication to its own mobile interface, having an app on MySpace in addition to its Facebook app is certainly a good move.

As Nick mentioned in his article regarding Mpowerplayer’s initial round of funding, having such an extensive game preview function is a useful tool that other major app and game providers should provide, especially Apple. And having such an integral previewing service such as Mpowerplayer’s social networking applications is yet another powerful way in which games can be distributed across a wide array of users.