MPAA VP Joins Team Biden

Kate Bedingfield has joined Biden's team as communications director.

Amidst the ongoing ‘will he, won’t he,’ possible presidential contender Vice President Joe Biden has brought on White House veteran Kate Bedingfield as communications director.

The now former vp of corporate communications for the Motion Picture Association of America left the White House in 2011, where she worked as an associate communications director.

Bedingfield has campaign chops, having served on John Edwards’ presidential bid and Sen. Jeanne Shaheen’s (D-NH) 2008 campaign.

This resume has many people wondering if this is a sign of the VP’s intent to enter the race. While Hillary Clinton has raised $4 million from L.A. donors like Tobey Maguire and Harvey Weinstein, The Hollywood Reporter noted in July that, “some moguls are enjoying playing politics close to the vest.”

If Biden decides to run, the acquisition of an entertainment industry insider like Bedingfield could help him poach some of those big donors Hillary has been courting.