MP3 Inventors Take On Pandora With Music Recommendation Engine

Many music recommendation engines have sprouted in the wake of Pandora’s success. None, however, have been as accurate and fool proof. Part of the reason is that Pandora relies of HUMANS to help the process along.

TechCrunch is high on Mufin, a new service that opens to the public today. Developed by the folks who invented and patented the ever-present MP3 file, the site aims to help you find music you like via “digital fingerprinting technology.” That means the system actually “listens” to music , analyzing dozens of song characteristics, including tempo and sound density.You can use the site without registering; just enter a band or song name. Free sign up will allow you to:

– Create and save playlists with your new discoveries.

– Customize your personal discovery dashboard and be the first know about new music.

– Get personalized recommendations matching your personal music taste. No shoe fits all as they say.

Once your search is processed, results are yielded that give you the opportunity to play/preview the song, listen to similar tracks, share with friends, and to purchase. Similar tracks are assigned a % of accuracy.

Facebook and MySpace widgets allow users to get song recommendations from within their friends’ profiles. iTunes users can also create “perfectly matching playlists with just one click.”

Close to 5 million tracks are currently indexed, so there’s a good chance you’ll find what you’re looking for, no matter how obscure of an indie band it might be.

Does anyone know what the heck the name means?