Mozilla Lets You Accesorize your Firefox Easily With Add-Ons

Mozilla’s web browser Firefox is a browser – we all know this fact. And we have known this a long time ago that’s why Firefox has steadily grown through the years. Part of Mozilla’s success was mainly due to the available extensions which third-party developers and Mozilla folks themselves have made available to use together with the Firefox browser. If you’re clamoring for some more Firefox goodness, how about this? Mozilla has released a new web application dubbed Fashion Your Firefox. Read on to know what it’s all about.

Fashion Your Firefox like we said a web application. As such it lets you to customize your Firefox browser easily and quickly based on the things that interest you as well as your other online activities. Fashion Your Firefox has pre-selected add-ons and organized them to be easily discovered by us. The best part of this web application is that, those add-ons can be easily activated on your Firefox installation in a snap. It eliminates the need to dig into the huge database of Firefox add-ons and scrolling through each one of them to get what you need and what interest you. The add-ons included in Fashion Your Firefox are categorized in activity-based manner, hence making it easy for all of us to find them – and of course install if we like.

Currently, Fashion Your Firefox has the following categories of add-ons:

  • Shutterbug – lets you view and share pictures and videos online from Fotofox and Cooliris
  • Rock Star – lets you listen to music while surfing, working, emailing or researching onlinewith FoxyTunes, Allmusic and Fire.FM
  • News Junkie: Get the most up-to-date news and weather from ForecastFox, Wizz RSS News Reader, Morning Coffee, Read it Later
  • Shopaholic – lets you shop and take advantage of online deals RetailMeNot, eBay, Yapta, and Price advance
  • Digital Pack Rat – lets you keep track of favorite sites, bookmarks and blogsusing Delicious, Thumbstrips, Fast Dial, Foxmarks
  • Social Butterfly: Share, bookmark, and e-mail web pages via an array of social networking & bookmarking sites including Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook
  • Finder and Seeker – lets you find and make information on the Web more relevantusing StumbleUpon, InterClue, MiniMap Sidebar
  • Decorator – lets you apply browser themes using Noia 2.0, Wallnut for Firefox, Colorful Tabs, Pitchdark for FX, Tinseltown, NASA Night Launch, Foxkeh Theme, Gradienti iCool
  • Executive Assistant – lets you organize your online activities using ReminderFox, Glue and Sxipper