Sex, Drugs and a Free Weekend Amazon Stream

The first two seasons of award-winning Mozart in the Jungle will stream for free all this weekend.

Laura M. Holson has a fantastic look at Mozart in the Jungle, a surprise double winner at the Golden Globes. Ahead of this weekend’s free stream by Amazon of the first two seasons of the series, her New York Times article is a perfect primer.

The show, about classical musicians in New York, is loosely based on an explosive 2005 memoir by Blair Tindall. In real life, it was a jungle of a different sort not long after the book came out:

Ms. Tindall, who inspired Ms. Hailey’s character, lives in Los Angeles and has had something of a colorful life outside the symphony hall. In 2007, her months-long marriage to Bill Nye, better known as the Science Guy, was declared invalid. (The megachurch pastor Rick Warren had performed the ceremony the year earlier in front of 400 people at an entertainment conference.) Not long after, Mr. Nye filed a restraining order against her, claiming he caught her trying to poison his rose garden while clad in black clothes and a hat. Ms. Tindall said in a telephone interview that she was stressed at the time and never intended to harm Mr. Nye.

Holson has a great line about the genealogy of the Amazon show. She hints that the shocking revelations of sex, drugs and O(boe)MG moments in the book well presaged a West Coast and Pacific Northwest stronghold:

Tindall burned so many bridges then, it seemed the only people willing to embrace her worked in Hollywood.

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