‘Moving to Canada’ Tweets and Super Tuesday (Study)

“If Donald Trump gets elected, I’m moving to Canada.” Real estate brokerage TheRedPin studied exactly that type of tweet.

“If Donald Trump gets elected, I’m moving to Canada.” Real estate brokerage TheRedPin studied exactly that type of tweet.

TheRedPin analyzed tweets on the subject around the first Super Tuesday, and its findings included:

  • The most tweets about moving to Canada came from Washington, D.C., followed by Nevada and Michigan. The fewest came from Wyoming, Arkansas, Montana and Idaho.


  • Prior to Super Tuesday, there was a spike in moving to Canada tweets Feb. 27, and TheRedPin pointed out that poll results released that day indicated that Trump would dominate Massachusetts, and that it was the day after Trump criticized law enforcement at one of his rallies for being too gentle with a protester.


  • On Super Tuesday itself, tweets about moving to Canada rose sharply during the evening of March 1 (Tuesday) and peaked in the early-morning hours of the following day, before picking up again later Tuesday.


  • As for the candidates, TheRedPin wrote: “Donald Trump wants to make America great again. But based on our Twitter findings, it seems he is actually propelling some Americans toward the border. In tweets about moving to Canada, Trump is mentioned 6.4 times more often than Hillary Clinton and almost 23 times more often than Bernie Sanders.”


Readers: Have you ever tweeted about moving to Canada based on the results of an election?

david.cohen@adweek.com David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.