Movies, TV, Music, Books, Jesus, Angry Birds and More on This Week’s Top 20 Growing Facebook Pages

Recent and older films made up a big chunk of our list of the fastest growing Pages by the number of Facebook Likes this week. There were TV shows, networks and personalities on the list, musicians, a few book-related Pages, a Jesus Page, Facebook’s Page, the Angry Birds Page, YouTube’s and more. We compile this list with our PageData tool, which tracks Page growth across Facebook.

NameLikesDaily GrowthWeekly Growth
1.  To Kill a Mockingbird981,496+818+590,786
2.  Luciano Huck3,039,021+110,149+579,173
3.  Fast & Furious10,387,982+20,981+557,508
4.  Adele7,074,380+75,733+447,762
5.  Titanic13,486,119+57,296+409,479
6.  The Chronicles of Narnia466,372+958+407,834
7.  LMFAO6,706,010+63,343+372,575
8.  Titanic8,579,954+52,395+360,367
9.  Facebook54,192,261+46,375+354,165
10.  facebook realesed the new Dislike Button™! Add it Now!! not a fake!445,3510+333,025
11.  Jesus Daily9,210,413+52,597+328,993
12.  Angry Birds8,781,264+46,286+325,850
13.  YouTube46,205,001+41,141+320,495
14.  The Walking Dead3,098,095+86,686+320,390
15.  Chicago329,857+685+318,962
16.  Pitbull11,792,725+45,672+292,915
17.  Canal Fox1,245,921+25,605+288,246
18.  EDEBİYAT645,327+220,503+284,928
19.  V Energy Drink Australia309,324+292+275,212
20.  Harry Potter35,797,314+39,445+272,174

Movies on our list this week came as the result of popularity, as well as Page consolidations. “To Kill a Mockingbird” grew 590,800 Likes to 981,500 in what appeared to be a consolidation. “Fast & Furious” grew seemingly as the result of the promotion of its most recent home release, by 557,500 Likes to 10.3 million. “Titanic” the Community Page grew by 409,500 Likes to 13.4 million and “Titanic” the Page grew by 360,400 Likes to 8.5 million by promoting a forthcoming 3D version of the film. “Chicago” grew by 319,000 Likes to 329,900, apparently a consolidation. “Harry Potter” grew by 272,200 Likes to 35.7 million, promoting a related sweepstakes.

TV-related Pages include Brazilian TV personality Luciano Huck with 579,200 Likes to pass 3 million fans. The show “The Walking Dead” with 320,400 Likes to grow to 3.1 million with the recent premiere of the show’s season. Finally, Canal Fox is promoting programming in Spanish, including popular TV shows like “The Walking Dead.”

Music on the list included singer Adele whose Page grew by 447,800 Likes to pass 7 million, LMFAO which is promoting its music appearances and grew by 372,600 to reach 6.7 million and finally Pitbull’s Page grew by 292,900 to reach 11.7 million by promoting his media appearances and other activities. Books, meanwhile, made the list, too. “The Chronicles of Narnia” grew by 407,800 to 466,400 Likes while the Turkish literature Page EDEBİYAT grew by 284,900 to 645,300 Likes.

The rest of the list included Facebook with 354,200 Likes to each 54.1 million and facebook realesed the new Dislike Button™! Add it Now!! not a fake! with 333,000 Likes to 445,400. Jesus Daily grew by 329,000 Likes to 9.2 million; the Page publishes daily religious posts. The Angry Birds Page grew by 325,900 Likes to 8.7 million. YouTube’s Page grew by 320,500 Likes to 46.2 million. Finally,  V Energy Drink Australia grew seeming in a consolidation by 275,200 to 309,300 Likes.

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