Movies, Music, Games, Angry Birds, Rihanna, “The Smurfs,” and More on This Week’s Top 20 Growing Facebook Pages

A good number of the Pages on our list of the fastest growing by Facebook Likes seem to have made the list this week as the result of Page consolidations. For example, several grew by a few million or hundreds of thousands of Likes in the span of one day. Most of the Pages revolved around movies, music, or other media-type Pages.

NameLikesDaily GrowthWeekly Growth
1. Manga3,616,265+1,248,535+3,392,767
2. Transformers8,652,304+21,626+1,750,700
3. Saving Private Ryan1,308,781+142+1,306,606
4. Back to the Future Trilogy1,329,403+1,539+732,669
5. The Godfather5,611,292+6,191+612,465
6. NatGeo3,080,243+71,990+466,494
7. The Miami HEAT4,063,727+4,504+445,725
8. Titanic13,486,119+57,296+409,479
9. Girl With The Dragon Tattoo420,131+314+408,975
10. facebook realesed the new Dislike Button™! Add it Now!! not a fake!445,3510+333,025
11. Music27,848,019+47,330+326,669
12. Facebook52,727,244+49,186+313,866
13. Angry Birds7,492,940+56,829+308,560
14. Harry Potter34,680,412+46,970+307,580
15. Banda Sinaloense MS383,725+1,801+283,108
16. The Smurfs4,316,318+40,000+280,756
17. Rihanna45,205,913+45,566+273,532
18. FOX Deportes322,720+251+271,943
19. Fidel Rueda Oficial403,507+1,645+270,123
20. Leo Messi24,887,445+41,047+269,339

Manga, a Community Page revolving around the Japanese comic books, grew by 3.3 million this week to most of its 3.6 million; it appeared to be a Page consolidation. Similarly, Girl With The Dragon Tattoo grew by 409,000 Likes to 420,100 in a period of two days.

Transformers” grew by 1.7 million, mostly in a few days, to 8.6 million and has been promoting the Blu ray version of the film. “Saving Private Ryan” grew 1.3 million, most of its Likes this week. The Back to the Future Trilogy grew by 732,700 Likes to 1.3 million in a span of a few days. “The Godfather” grew by 612,500 Likes to 5.6 million, mostly in one day, and has been promoting the new game in Beta from Kabam. Then there was the “Titanic” Page with 409,500 Likes to 13.5 million, “Harry Potter” with 307,600 Likes to 34.6 million and “The Smurfs” with 280,800 Likes to 4.2 million; this last Page has been actively promoting film-related products and Pages very actively.

TV-related Pages included NatGeo with 466,500 Likes to pass 3 million; the Page has actively promoted new shows and seen steady growth. Then there was FOX Deportes with 272,000 Likes, growing to 322,700 Likes, in what seemed to be a Page consolidation.

Music Pages included the Music Community Page with 326,700 Likes to reach 27.8 million. Then there were two Mexican musicians’ Pages, Banda Sinaloense MS with 283,100 Likes to reach 383,700 and Fidel Rueda Oficial with 270,100 likes to reach 403,500, that seemed due to Page consolidations. Finally, Rihanna’s Page reached 45.2 million with 273,500 additional Likes this week; she’s been promoting her appearances and products on the Page.

The rest of the Pages were a mixed bunch. The Miami HEAT’s Page grew by 445,700 Likes to pass 4 million, partly from consolidation. The  facebook realesed the new Dislike Button™! Add it Now!! not a fake! Page grew by 333,000 to 445,400 Likes. Facebook’s Page grew by 313,900 to 52.7 million. Angry Birds grew by 308,600 Likes to 7.4 million and soccer star Leo Messi’s Page has been recruiting visitors to Like it, resulting in growth of 269,300 Likes to 24.8 million.