Movies, Community Pages and Music on This Week’s Top 20 Growing Facebook Pages

In an apparently widespread set of Page consolidations, several on our list grew by the hundreds of thousands in the span of a few days but had a daily growth of a few hundred — and most were obscure films, TV shows or bands. There were, however, several films and Pages on the list that we’ve seen before; it appears as though lots of Page consolidation occurred this past week.  Pages on our list this week required 395,800 and 2.1 million Likes to make the top 20 this week. We compile these lists with our PageData tool, which tracks Page growth across Facebook.

NameLikesDaily GrowthWeekly Growth
1.  Listening to music2,198,884+1,547,089+2,169,587
2.  Everything1,022,236+741,595+1,001,686
3.  My Family1,096,491+697,562+979,006
4.  Vodafone Egypt942,203+972+933,877
5.  Islam KTP828,523+455,440+734,818
6.  Arti Sahabat672,772+354,341+601,958
7.  Official Detroit Red Wings1,098,639+227+494,795
8.  The Smurfs3,352,945+72,145+485,352
9.  Harry Potter33,719,140+56,433+447,013
10.  Detective Conan471,257+279,911+440,909
11.  Music26,886,202+59,190+438,662
12.  The Armada493,667+123,204+431,221
13.  3 Idiots5,793,257+204,250+413,553
14.  Gospel music3,501,632+276,453+410,599
15.  Titanic13,486,119+57,296+409,479
16.  Facebook51,780,853+58,590+406,539
17.  Harry Potter17,856,481+107,924+405,083
18.  Ghostbusters800,781+680+403,683
19.  Twilight22,210,630+64,746+398,748
20.  Real Madrid C.F.19,050,371+32,575+395,801

Pages on our list included Community Pages this week. Listening to music grew by 1.5 million Likes, growing most of that in a few days, to 2.1 million; the Page is dedicated to enjoying music and appears to have no affiliation. The band Everything’s Page grew by more than 1 million Likes; it’s a Community Page that grew most of these Likes, 741,600, in a few days. The Music Community Page grew by 438,700 Likes. Irish rock band The Armada’s Community Page grew 431,200 Likes to 493,700 in a few days. Then the Community Page of Gospel music grew 35 million with 410,600 in the span of a few days.

TV shows included the Indonesian “My Family” with most of its 1 million Likes, 979,000, occurring in a few days. “Islam KTP” is another Indonesian TV show, but this is the Community Page that grew to 828,200 Likes with 734,800 this week. Finally, a Filipino show, “Arti Sahabat” grew more than 354,300 Likes in a few days to 672,800 Likes.

Movies on the list included “The Smurfs” grew by 485,400 Likes to 3.3 million; the Page is running a related contest. “Harry Potter” saw 447,000 Likes this week to grow to 33.7 million; the “Harry Potter” Community Page was also on the list, growing 405,100 Likes to 17.8 million. A 2009 Indian movie, “3 Idiots” grew 413,600 Likes to 5.7 million in the span of a few days. “Titanic” Community Page grew 409,500 Likes to 13.5 million. “Ghostbusters” saw 403,700 Likes this week to grow to 800,800, thought most of that came in the span of a few days. Finally there was “Twilight” with 398,700 Likes to 22.2 million as the next installment in the franchise is set for a November release.

Other Pages on the list included Vodafone Egypt, which seems to be organic growth of 933,900 Likes to 942,200 this week. Sports teams were on the list, too; Official Detroit Red Wings grew 494,800 Likes to pass 1 million in a few days but Real Madrid C.F. grew 395,800 Likes to 19 million this week, all organic it seems. Japanese comic book series, Detective Conan, grew more than 440,900 Likes to 471,300 in a few days and Facebook’s Page grew 406,500 Likes to 51.7 million.

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