Moviehouse Magic Makes Momentous Comeback

To look at the Fox Oakland today, it’s hard to believe that the 1928 Oakland, Calif. theater was nearly demolished to make way for a parking lot. It’s also survived a 1990s attempt to turn it into a multiplex. Now, thanks to the ardent support of local preservationists, the East Indian style movie palace will reopen February 5. It won’t be showing movies, however; instead it will be a venue for live shows, paying homage to the likes of Bing Crosby, Ginger Rogers, Frank Sinatra and the Jimmy Dorsey band who appeared on stage years ago. The Fox showed first-run movies until 1962, and second-run flicks until 1973. The theater was used for other events until the city purchased the building in 1996 for $3 million. Here’s to a successful reopening of a fabulous theater, and a great piece of architecture.