MovieConnect Delivers Geotargeted Showtimes


The Aura Group and Pointroll have joined together to release the latest version of MovieConnect, a service that lets studios text-message local movie showtimes directly to mobile devices, according to MediaPost.

Here’s how it works: MovieConnect lets consumers sign up to receive text messages directly from rich media units. “By rolling over a PointRoll unit, consumers can enter their mobile number and ZIP code to receive local listings and showtimes directly on their mobile device when they become available.”

The report said that the new version uses geotargeting to automatically establish a user’s location, show only the closest theaters, and then show times, all within the rich media unit. “Consumers can then choose to have specific movies, theaters and showtimes sent to their phones to take on the go.” Look to see more ad-supported services like this one as more and more phones come with geotargeting capability, GPS, and more sophisticated mobile media support.