Movie Trailer Preview Exclusively Via Twitter

In the first move of its kind, Paramount Pictures has partnered with Twitter to launch the trailer for J.J Abram and Steven Spielberg’s new sci-fi film “Super 8”. Twitter users were treated to an exclusive first viewing of the trailer today via TwitVid.

You’ve probably seen the hashtag #Super8Movie trending on Twitter today, as the promoted trend of the day. It was purchased by Paramount to promote the Super 8 movie, and to share with Twitter an exclusive look at the exciting trailer for the film to be released in June.

If you searched for #Super8Movie or clicked on the promoted trend, you would have seen this tweet as the first result:

The link points to a TwitVid upload of the Super 8 trailer.

While this is a new move that bodes well for future collaboration between Twitter and the entertainment industry, there have been two unfortunate stumbling blocks for this experimental partnership. Twitter lashed out at the promoted Super 8 hashtag, as it was the only hashtag not related to the Japan earthquake and tsunami for a good portion of the day. And, it appears as though spammers have hijacked the popularity of this hashtag and are sending around rogue tweets from compromised accounts claiming to have found out how “addicted to Twitter” they are.

However, despite these two complications, the trailer has already been viewed 65,000 times and will remain as a promoted trend all day.