Movie Services Try to Capitalize on Netflix Anger

Dish, through its partnership with Blockbuster, has introduced one service that will include streaming and DVD options, with the added bonus of being able to go to a Blockbuster store if you like.

We’ve already kind of reached a consensus that no one wants to go to a Blockbuster store, which is why there are so few left, but, yes, we get it. It’s one service, not two, and you have options for receiving and returning movies. However, your actual movie options are limited. Blockbuster/Dish has thousands fewer movies to stream than either Netflix or Amazon.

But it’s obvious that competing movie services are counting on Netflix customer outrage to give it a leg up. takes a look at all of the competitors, including Amazon Prime and Walmart’s Vudu. And while he finds pros for each, he also points out ways in which they come up short when compared to Netflix.

On top of that, Netflix announced yesterday that it has signed a deal with DreamWorks Animation to bring that company’s films to customers first, starting in 2013. Amazon just announced a deal with Fox to add movies and TV shows to its line up.

As the dust settles, Netflix could still come up the winner by selling the message that its movie collection is better and, even with two different businesses, it can provide the least complicated service of all the options out there. There’s still time for all of the competitors to beef up and snap up disgruntled movie lovers. But a positive message, a PR lesson learned, and a better list of movies and TV shows coupled with good customer service could ultimately lead to Netflix’s (and Qwikster’s?) redemption.

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