Movesum Step-Counting App Launches on iOS

The app helps users visualize the calories they burn each day, in the form of food and drinks.

Swedish health platform Lifesum has released its Movesum app on iOS. The step-counting app helps users visualize the number of calories they burn each day, in the form of food and drinks, and was designed to help users pay more attention to their daily activity, as well as the food they eat.

The Movesum app shows users how many steps they take each day, and matches this to food and drinks, like hamburgers or glasses of red wine, as examples. Users can set a movement goal for the number of steps they’d like to take each day.

Users can also swipe to view additional food and drinks, and can tap an item to view its estimated nutritional info in terms of carbs, protein and fat. The app also displays the number of steps users would have to take to match each item’s estimated calorie count.


In a statement, Henrik Torstensson, CEO and co-founder of Lifesum, commented:

The simple truth is that people don’t need to move very fast to be healthy, they just need to move more. Movesum makes it fun to move on a daily basis, and will hopefully encourage people to walk instead of driving or catching public transport.

Movesum is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store, and will release on Google Play this week.