Moves and Shakes

  • It’s official: Elizabeth Spiers ( founder, former MediaBistro editor and proprietor) has snatched David Lat away from Wonkette (someone hug Alex Pareene while he runs the ship solo for a while…) to develop a law blog. Details TK…

  • U.S.News & World Report announces new V.P. of Online Sales Development Chris Coda.

  • Some more details about Matt Cooper’s departure:

      “They approached me a while ago about it,” Cooper said Friday afternoon. “I’ve had a great time at Time and they’ve been particularly good to me during my legal troubles in the last year, but the chance to join a start-up was irresistible.” …

      Asked about how Washington might be covered in the still-inchoate magazine, Cooper said: “I think you’re going to have to think broadly about it, where money and culture and politics intersect, beyond campaign and finance and lobbying, and the way business in Washington is usually perceived.”

  • Washington City Paper Arts Editor Leonard Roberge is leaving the paper (although, we also hear that he may reconsider now that Erik Wemple is back in town…Developing…)

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