Move Over, Superman: Starbucks CEO Has His Own Comic Book

Starbucks CEO Howard SchultzIt’s a Bird! It’s a plane! It’s…Super CEO!

We’re pretty sure The Justice League didn’t advertise an open position, but no matter. Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks, can stand on his own (and so, apparently, can his comic book).

From the same state that brought you the very first Starbucks comes the inaugural edition of  “Howard Schultz: The Man Behind Starbucks”, written by C.W. Cooke, drawn by Angel Bernuy with cover art by Conan Momchilov and released by Washington-based Bluewater Productions.

Don’t expect any high-flying hi-jinx or otherworldly bad guys in this comic. The ink-and-paper version of Schultz does much of what the flesh-and-blood version does–i.e. serving as the visionary ruler of a coffee empire.

The plot is basically a retelling of how Schultz, the former marketing director for a tiny Seattle coffee seller, shook up the business world, achieved billionaire status, and became an model entrepreneurial icon for MBA students and fellow executives alike. (Sort of sounds more like the makings of a super villain tycoon to us, but to be fair, Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark were major businessmen too…)

If you would like to follow our hero as he fights to protect lattes, mochas, and the American way (i.e. capitalism), you may purchase your very own copy of “Howard Schultz: The Man Behind Starbucks” here. Perhaps in the future, CEOs will know they’ve really made it not when they bank their first million or top the Forbes list, but when their careers are immortalized in the pages of a comic book. Only then can they truly call their own stories “epic.”