Move Over HTC. Samsung May Be Producing the Next Android Reference Phone

The so-called Nexus One failure is a great phone in my opinion. Its only failure, in my opinion, was its marketing plan (web-only sales). Its overall hardware design and clean Android installation (no third party graphical user interface) was a winner. As a Google Android “reference” device, it also has the somewhat envious distinction of being the first Android device to get an OTA (Over The Air) system upgrade.

If Google partners with a phone manufacturer to produce a new Android reference device, I would definitely be interested in buying that new device. So, I’m following speculation about a Samsung manufactured “Nexus S” (or “Nexus Two” depending on who you read) device. This item is from Engadget.

Google Nexus S is the Samsung GT-i9020? (update)

If true, it is also interesting to speculate why Samsung is producing the second generation reference device. HTC produced the Nexus One. While HTC is still producing well-received Android phones, Samsung is definitely the current star in the Android universe with its well-received and well-selling Galaxy S phones as well as the first widely distributed Android Tablet (starting this week), the Galaxy Tab.