Mouse vs. Hogs

According to, Hell’s Angels is suing The Walt Disney Co.‘s movie studio as well as producers Mike Tollin and Brian Robbins “for infringing on its trademark in the development and production of ‘Wild Hogs,’ a new comedy about middle-aged wanna-be bikers” that stars Tim Allen and John Travolta.

Seeking compensatory damages, the motorcycle club’s spokesman, known only as “Bear” demanded four hundred cases of Miller Genuine Draft and some “really sticky bud – you know: The primo stuff, from like, DEA busts?”

Shockingly, a Disney spokesman was “not available for comment.”

(Translation: Hiding under a desk.)

Who says today’s Disney shareholder meeting will be boring?

We can’t wait to see how dull it is when these dudes crash it. We’ll post more on the Iger-fest later today.

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