Mountaineers Share Story of Mount Everest Climb with Help of iPad

ipad summit

Apple’s latest “Your Verse” story comes from mountaineers who uses their iPads to ascend some of the planet’s highest peaks. For climbers Adrian Ballinger and Emily Harrington, the dangerous climb is aided with their tablet, which helps them to prepare for their dangerous expeditions. However, its most important task is to keep the team on track during blinding whiteouts, when visibility can mean a dangerous misstep off the right track.

Beyond the grueling exertion and low oxygen levels, unexpected weather can be a climber’s nightmare. A sudden violent whiteout can easily bring a climb to a halt. So Ballinger and Harrington need to rely on the waypoints they’ve marked on their iPad — essentially, digital breadcrumbs marking the best possible route. “On a bad-weather day we’re checking the iPad every few minutes to make sure we’re on track,” says Harrington. “Sometimes we even keep it in our hands.”

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