Mountain Dew’s Kickstart Wants the Public for Breakfast

It’s not entirely clear why the public holds such disdain for mornings (particularly Monday mornings), but we do.

Perhaps we don’t like having to crawl out of bed, scrub our armpits and then commute alongside a million other bleary-eyed drones to offices lined with fluorescent lights and bad art.

Whatever the underlying reason, the fact remains: most of us aren’t morning people—and brands like Mountain Dew would love nothing more than to provide us with the 8 AM jolt we need to match our socks and/or remember the names of our kids. (Hint: Sock thickness counts. The boy is named after your grandfather and the girl…well, ask your wife.)

It’s also no secret that America is addicted to caffeine. We love it in the form of coffee, tea and especially energy drinks, which have become the get-up-and-go beverage of choice with the younger crowd. What does that mean? Well, while your middle-aged Downton Abbey-loving aunt may prefer a mild French roast with the slightest hint of cream, most of the folks that marketers care about are more interested in sugary shots of carbonated adrenaline like Kickstart, the new breakfast drink from Mountain Dew.

That’s right: Mountain Dew for breakfast.

Mountain Dew has long positioned its brand to represent the high octane lifestyle of X Games athletes and suburbanites who enjoy jumping into swimming pools from living room roofs to earn instant infamy on Tosh.0. Mountain Dew is less interested in attracting consumers with steaming wafts of aromatic coffee beans than with the pop-top snap of an on-the-go morning beverage that contains 5% fruit juice and, more importantly, 92 milligrams of caffeine in each 16-ounce can.

Can a soda brand like Mountain Dew, typically associated with an unhealthy product to be consumed later in the day or mixed with cheap rum, make inroads into the breakfast category?

We’re guessing yes–because we don’t see the Millennial crowd giving up their caffeine addictions or craving organic fair-trade Colombian dark roast anytime soon.