Mountain Dew Turns Tweets Into Online Ads With the Return of Baja Blast

The soda brand goes user-generated for its latest campaign

We've already seen brands like Dunkin' Donuts and West Elm pull social media posts into ads, and now Mountain Dew wants in on the user-generated craze.

Earlier today, Mountain Dew announced it is bringing back Baja Blast, a tropical flavored drink, for a limited time. The soda brand is also launching Sangrita Blast, a citrus version of the drink. And to tease the launch, it's turning a cryptic social media campaign called Rogue Wave into paid media.

Last Friday, Mountain Dew started posting subtle hints on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter about bringing back the drink. On Snapchat, the brand showed quick clips of bottles, and fans tweeted back.


"We started with discreet posts, but it didn't take long for Dew Nation to call us out and beg for the rumors to be true," said Christine Ngo, Mountain Dew's digital brand manager. "Some of our fans even created collages of all the images featuring Baja over the last few days to confirm to other members of Dew Nation that Baja was coming back."

Based on those reactions, Mountain Dew is now running ads on social media and men's lifestyle websites that use consumers' tweets.

Since beginning Rogue Wave, chatter around Baja Blast shot up 170 percent. On Facebook, the brand's organic reach and impressions increased 300 percent, thanks in part to the quick responses the brand is sending back to people who comment on its posts.

Last year, Mountain Dew used a similar promotion when it brought back Baja Blast for a short time. For that campaign, the brand used click-to-call tweets featuring professional skateboarder Paul Rodriguez.

This time, the brand used Nascar driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. to announce that Baja Blast is back.