Mountain Dew Shows Us What Twitter Looks Like With Autoplay

Lots of cool GIFs, in this case

Twitter unleashed its autoplay videos earlier today, and Mountain Dew wasted little time demonstrating what the development might mean, visually speaking. The PespiCo-owned soda brand put together five GIF-based clips for the platform. 

When embedded on third-party websites like those below, they do not autoplay as they do on Twitter—you have to click on the player. At any rate, check out Mountain Dew's early efforts:

Autoplay lets marketers use GIFs, videos and Vines. Mountain Dew, which has 459,000 Twitter followers and probably wanted to be among the first brands to use the new feature, likely chose GIFs because they can be created quickly. 

Moving forward, expect to see a lot more multimedia in your news feed that starts automatically. 

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