Mountain Dew Is Running Vine-Based TV Ads for the Nascar Race This Weekend

Check out the soda's six-second spots

Following in the footsteps of Dunkin' Donuts, Virgin Mobile and Trident, Mountain Dew is testing a couple Vine-based TV spots. As in Dunkin's effort, the soda is utilizing television's emerging five-second billboards—or "snackable" animated ads—to playfully employ the six-second social video platform, which is owned by Twitter.

The first brief spot appeared over the weekend on NBC Sports, while the second is scheduled to run on Sunday via ESPN. The commercial this weekend will highlight Mountain Dew's Dale Earnhardt Jr. sponsorship during the broadcast of NASCAR's Talladega Superspeedway race in Alabama.

"The Vine medium [contextually] translates to the animated billboards on TV so well," Todd Kaplan, director, brand marketing for Mountain Dew, told Adweek. "Right now, we are really excited about the platform and how Vine speaks for millennial male consumers. We are going to continue to experiment in this space with Dew on Vine and see where it goes."

Mountain Dew has shown a predilection for marketing adventurism this year, most notably with the controversial "Goat" online spot it pulled due to outrage in May. The PepsiCo-owned brand probably expects more buzz and fewer boos for its latest effort.

Check out its new Vine spots, created by VaynerMedia.