Motorola Xoom: $699, $800 or $1200? FYI-Probably Not $1200

Rumors about the upcoming Motorola Xoom (the first Android OS 3.0/Honeycomb based tablet) are getting whackier and whackier.

One January 24, the current thinking was that the Xoom would be priced at a somewhat competitive (but still unattractive) $699.

Can the Moto Xoom Compete with the iPad with a $699 Price?

By February 7, its price had risen to $800 and was said to require activating a 3G wireless data plan to get its WiFi working. This priced it near Apple’s most expensive iPad model (iPad 3G with 64GB RAM costs $829).

Motorola Xoom Android Tablet Requires 3G Data Plan to Activate WiFi?

Business Insider reported about evidence about an even higher price ($1200) for the Xoom.

Motorola Xoom Tablet At $1,200?

However, Engadget notes that this outrageouly high price (higher than an entry level MacBook Air notebook) is probably just a placeholder value.

Motorola Xoom up for pre-order at Best Buy this Thursday… for $1,199? (update)