Motorola Planning Streaming Video Service for Mobile Devices Only When You Are at Home

Motorola’s reemergence as a mobile technology power in the past year following the introduction of the game changing Droid has been spectacular. So, I’m having a problem understanding the rationale behind this new Motorola Mobility strategy.

Motorola eyes home streaming to mobile

The strategy is to sell streaming video content viewable on mobile devices. And, before you ask, yes, Motorola is aware of services provided by firms like Hulu and Netflix. Moto’s spin on the concept is to provide a set-top box that streams video wirelessly to mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. However, it only provides streaming video content when you and your mobile device is at home. So, it looks like they are really competing with game consoles like the PS3 and Xbox. The rationale has something to do with content licensing being simpler if the content is delivered only in the home. Hmm.