Motorola Planning Mobile Movie Store?

Your handset business is tanking and bringing the rest of the company down with it. What do you do to make things better? Well, if you’re Motorola, you develop a service for…downloading movies onto cell phones? Huh?

According to MocoNews, which cites an report, Moto is teaming with Paramount on an online store where users can download movies to a PC and then sideload them onto a compatible Motorola phone.

Motorola really seems to like this movie-on-mobile concept – last year it pre-loaded “The Bourne Identity” on its Z8 handset and the Z10 is due to launch in the UK in the next week pre-loaded with “The Ultimate Bourne Collection.”

The rumored service is expected to launch as early as next month. Moto is also reportedly in talks with other studios about signing on.

What we really want to know is this: Has anyone ever watched a full-length action flick on a cell phone and why would they want to?