Motorola MOTO W7 Has Built-in Step Pedometer

Photo courtesy of Motorola

Give Motorola some credit for putting in a unique feature in the MOTO 7…

Motorola Announces MOTO W7 Active Edition With Gesture Controls

No, not the “gesture controls.” Look further down the press release to the part that reads…

MOTO W7 is also designed to move with you. A built-in step pedometer counts and records your daily walks and runs to make every step count. Work out on your own terms with a Personal Trainer application that creates a personal profile and helps you to set goals, create workout profiles and review summary reports.

I like the idea of this pedometer feature and its associated software a lot.

The phone also features:

– FM radio
– MP3 player
– 2 megapixel camera supporting still and video recording
– Accelerometer (for the pedometer & gesture features)
– Stereo Bluetooth
– microSD slot that supports up to 8GB microSD flash storage cards