Motorola ‘Lazy Phone’ Spot Gets 7 Million Views in 3 Days

Google brand pushes voice-recognition feature

Motorola's "Lazy Phone" commercial has garnered a whopping 7 million YouTube views since going live three days ago. The humorous, 1-minute spot captures a hippy-looking dude who is ultimately playing the character of a smartphone that relies on touch-screen applications to work. (He kind of looks like the singer for 1990s patchouli-rock outfit Spin Doctors.)

The core pitch lies in the brand's Moto X phone (parent company Google's lastest foray into the smartphone wars), which lets users play music and perform other functions via its voice-recognition software. It leaves viewers to deduce that the iPhone and Galaxy S4 might as well be meandering toward a Phish concert when it comes to consumers' most-pressing needs. 

New York-based agency Droga5 led creative for the effort.

Furthermore, Motorola is probably far from done in terms of ringing up "Lazy Phone" views. The Schaumburg, Ill.-based brand purchased today's Promoted Trend on Twitter, likely spending $200,000 for the ad unit so the Moto ad continues to go loco.