Motorola Droid Android OS 2.2 FRG22D Update Brought Email Security & Flash


First, my apologies for the blurry screen photos. I used a Canon PowerShot SD780IS which has the worst macro ability I’ve ever seen in a digital camera. In retrospect I should have used an iPhone 4 to take the screen photo.

My Motorola Droid notified me that I had a system upgrade available this past Friday (Sept. 3). As you can (barely) see in the screenshot above, it enables (but does not include) the ability to install Adobe Flash Player 10.1 (I am not going to install Flash). This update updated Android OS 2.2 on the Droid from FRG01B (as of Aug. 13 for me) to FRG22D.

Although the update notice does not mention it, the update also enables server specified security profiles which allows remote resets, forced lock, limit the type of password used, and watch login attempts. You can see that (blurry) screen photo below (select full article to see the photo).