Moto Showing Off Mobile TV at CTIA

So, all the news out of Motorola this week wasn’t about splitting up the company and what, if anything, Carl Icahn had to do with the decision.

Almost lost under the avalanche of “what does the future hold” stories was the announcement of a cute little touch-screen mobile TV. At CTIA in Vegas next week, Moto will be showing off the Mobile TV DH02, along with five other new products, Computerworld reports.

One way the DH02 will access digital broadcast content over wireless spectrum, but that type of service isn’t yet allowed in the US. Heck, the spectrum auction only just ended. According to the Computerworld report, the touch-screen will let users click, drag and scroll through icons to find something to watch. It will also support HSDPA and GPRS networks, so carriers to offer interactive services.

We can only assume that the slew of new products is Moto’s way of showing that while it may look like the company is on life support, it’s not dead yet.