Motley Fool Gears Up For Blog Network Launch, Paid Bloggers Requested

Investing advice site The Motley Fool is seeking bloggers for a soon-to-launch blog network about investing and business.

This blog network will have an interesting pay structure, we’ve learned: bloggers can post as much or as little as they’d like. But, according to blog network president Roger Friedman, there are some catches:

Tier 1: if you write a post that’s not about business or investing and doesn’t mention a publicly traded company, you won’t get paid, but it will be published on our network and could be promoted on Tier 2: if you write a high-quality post about investing that mentions publicly traded companies, you’ll be paid competitively for that post and will have it syndicated to our distribution partners such as Yahoo! Finance, AOL, and MSN. Tier 3: if you consistently write high-quality blogs that add value to our investing community, you’ll have blanket permission to publish and have that content syndicated to our partners, and you’ll get paid even more handsomely.

Friedman added: “We expect our compensation to be very competitive — our goal is to reward bloggers so that writing for The Motley Fool is worth their time. We’re a company known for producing outstanding content, so we’re more than happy to pay people who produce insightful and compelling material.”

This might be why The Motley Fool is consistently on local Best Places To Work lists.

Interested in applying? Check out the details at Talking Biz News.