Mothering Wins the “Most Bizarre Design Contest” for 2006


We must ask two questions while entering this post. First, are the members of the magazine Mothering out of ideas? Because, really, eventually there is only so much you can write about it every month that, say, the whole of humanity, in its million year history, hasn’t gotten figured out yet (except maybe new kinds of crickets not to eat). And second, with the finalists for their In Search of an Icon: Breastfeeding Contest, recently announced, we wonder why this was needed. And more over (adding a third question here, just because we can), what symbol is it replacing and what’s happened to make it obsolete? Okay, and a fourth: how and where will this new symbol be used? But, again, maybe it was just something fun to do for the tired editors. We know we get to that point sometime. Hence, this very post.