Mother Jones Editor-in-Chief Hanging Out in D.C.

Mother Jones Magazine Editor-in-Chief Clara Jeffery is in DC for a month. Yesterday she sent out an e-mail to friends stating:

    …we’re greatly expanding our D.C. operation. We’ve had two reporters in D.C., and we’ve just added four more. We’ve moved into new space at 1319 F Street, just above the Washington Monthly, and across the street from the National Press Club. We’ll be putting all these folks to work for investigative print stories, of course, but we’re also going to be filing daily breaking stories, and serialized investigative packages, and campaign coverage, and the like. Also involved, a total web redesign/rethink…So I’m overseeing the transition, and looking for a Washington Bureau Chief/Editor to run this shop, be our talking head, etc. It’s a great job, as much of an exercise in self-branding as helping us rebrand, so if you know someone I should be looking at, please let me know.