Mother Jones Reporter Comes to LA, Assembles AK-47

Heading into the holiday weekend, this is a magazine article many will be talking about and numerous sites, like us and the Daily Mail, picking up on.

The Mother Jones feature starts out with Bryan Schatz (pictured) taking receipt in the desert near Los Angeles of the parts needed to put together an untraceable AK-47 assault rifle. It then moves on to the fun of a so-called “build party:”

Among those ready to get going (none of whom wanted their names used) are a father-son duo getting in some bonding time and a well-bellied sixtysomething with a white Fu Manchu who “loves” the click-ack! sound of a round being chambered. Assembling a Romanian variant is a builder wearing a camouflage jacket and a hat embroidered with an AR-15 rifle above the legend “Come and take it.” His knuckle tattoos read “PRAY HARD.”

After some paperwork is laughingly filled out and gathered without IDs, the group is schooled on how to deal with any “Johnny Law” who inquires about their non-serialized deadly weapon. It’s all part of a spectacular, chilling piece of reporting by Denver-based freelancer Schatz. True to is name, the AK-47 was first made available in 1947.

Read the full article here. In just 12 hours, the feature has already generated more than 1,150 reader comments and upwards of 650 likes.

[Photo of Schatz firing his prize by Martin Schatz, courtesy Mother Jones]