The Nun Who Gets to Vote for Best Picture

Because Thom Geier’s February 4th-11th Entertainment Weekly interview feature “The Nun Who Kissed Elvis” was never posted online, it failed to get passed around the Internet the way it should have. In great detail, he outlines how one-time Elvis Presley co-star Dolores Hart turned her back on Hollywood in 1963 to become a Benedictine nun at the Abbey of Regina Laudis in Bethlehem, CT.

The caveat is that she has remained an actor’s branch voting member of the Academy, which allows for the detailing of some pretty hysterical Oscar season activities. Last year for example, she was very unpopular with the other nuns because she chose to give Avatar her 2009 Best Picture vote instead of The Hurt Locker. But the real kicker is the way she views her Academy DVDs:

Hart watches the films in her basement office, a 12-by-12 foot room with high ceilings and a slanted floor that was once the art studio of one of the order’s founders… Her TV is a 20-year-old model that sits on a stand. “It’s a tiny little thing, maybe eight inches,” she says. “I never got past to the big stuff.”

No wonder Hart flipped when she got to see Avatar in 3D on the big screen. She insists she can discern just fine on her eight-inch TV, but someone in Hollywood, get this nun a plasma screen!

P.S. Hart also delivers this awards season’s most unlikely associative observation. She tells Geier: “When I see Natalie Portman masturbating [in The Black Swan], I hear the kids come in and talk about their problems with masturbating.”

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