Most Socially Recommended iPhone Apps According to Chorus App: Why is it So Different from Apple’s Lists?

Chorus 1.0 is a free iPhone app that uses your social network to find iPhone apps. Of course, this assumes that your friends also use the Chorus app. It is an interesting idea but with an extremely restricted populuation (iPhone users with friends who also installed the same app and actually use it). With 1576 review logged in the iTunes app store so far, it has a 2.5 star rating (out of 5) with a relatively large number of 1 star reviews (614 or 38.9%).

So, I’m accepting the recommendations generated from users of this app with absolutely no assumption that it represents anyone outside of this particular group of users. However, I’m a sucker for lists. So, let’s see what the data from Chorus tells us with this announcement:

Chorus Reveals The Most Socially-Recommended iPhoneâ„¢ Apps and Games for November 2009

10 Most Recommended Apps
1. Eliminate Pro (1st person shooter game)
2. Shazam
3. Gowalla
4. Loopt
5. WhatsApp Messenger
6. Google Earth
7. PocketMoney
8. iFitness
9. WebMD Mobile
10. Mobile

At this point, you are probably wondering what defines this group of users me too. I continued wondering as I read through the list of 10 recommended free apps and 10 recommened paid apps for the month of November. Neither list seemed to even vaguely resemble the apps listed in Apple’s iTunes App Store for the same categories (free and paid).

This might actually be a good thing for Chorus users, however. It may be that people who use Chorus are similar as a group but different somehow from the general population of iPhone users. So, if the Chrous recommended apps list seems like a good fit for your taste, the Chorus community may be the place for you.