Who Are the Most Social Business Publishers?

A new report analyzed average share counts per story for the top business publishers to see which ones had the most socially engaged audiences.


Business is a highly prolific topic on social media — whether it’s publishing upstarts like Quartz and Business Insider or old-guard publishers like Forbes and the Harvard Business Review. After launching last week, NewsWhip, a multi-platform social database, decided to do an analysis of which business publishers and writers were the most social.

NewsWhip picked seven prominent business publishers: Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, Business Insider, Harvard Business Review, Quartz, Forbes and Bloomberg. To measure the social impact of each publisher, NewsWhip graphed the the average share counts.

According to the data, Business Insider has the most engaged social audience with over one million more Facebook shares than any other publisher. However, when taking into account the network size and the number of stories shared, Harvard Business Review averages more shares for fewer stories on both Facebook and Twitter.



Check out the full report to see how the content from each publisher performed, and which stories and writers were most social for the month of September.