Top 10 Most Shared YouTube Videos Of 2010

YouTube Trends just released a list of the Top 10 Most Shared Videos of 2010. How many of them did you share?

2010 gave birth to a surprisingly large number of viral sensations from the Double Rainbow Guy to Old Spice’s ‘The Man Your Man Could Smell Like’ to flash mobs, bed intruders, parodies and beyond. But which YouTube videos were truly the most viral this year? YouTube Trends just released a list of the Top 10 Most Shared Videos of 2010.

YouTube Trends describes their list as being made up of “the videos from the past year that had the most views from social networks like Facebook and Twitter.” They say that each of these videos received at least 1.5 million views as a direct result of being shared on the social content sharing sites. How many of these videos did you share this year?

#1: Keenan Cahill – Teenage Dream (with me)

Congratulations to Keenan Cahill, who has topped the YouTube charts with the most-shared video of 2010. Did you share this one? I sure did.

Keenan is a 15-year old boy who looks a lot younger because of a rare disorder that caused his growth to be stunted at the age of 8. He has been posting videos to YouTube for about a year, but his popularity really took off over the summer when Katy Perry tweeted about his ‘Teenage Dream’ video. I’d say a tweet from Katy Perry, who’s got over 5 million followers on Twitter, is a pretty good way to get the ball rolling in the shares department, wouldn’t you?

#2: Baby Bob Marley

The second most shared YouTube video this year has got over 11 million views so far and was actually only uploaded a couple of months ago, back in September. It features a cranky baby that is instantly soothed by the music of Bob Marley. I shared this one as well. Did you?

Why did so many people share this video? Well, for starters, people tend to gravitate towards videos with cute babies and this baby is absolutely adorable. People also love Bob Marley and dads that make jokes about their babies being calmed by the chronic. How much more shareable could you get?

#3: How to trick people into thinking you’re good looking – NSFW

JennaMarbles’ ‘How to trick people into thinking you’re good looking’ takes the spot as the third most-shared video this year. I have to admit, I didn’t share this one. It’s not really my cup of tea. But a whole lot of other people did!

Why was this video so shareable? If you spend any time on YouTube then you’ll probably noticed that the site is overflowing with makeup tutorials for girls to watch to make themselves look better – how to fake abs, how to use makeup to make your eyes look bigger, and otherwise use makeup to alter your appearance for the better. JennaMarbles played off these videos to create the ultimate makeup tutorial Rick Roll. People clicked on it hoping to learn the secrets of how to use makeup to trick people into thinking you are really good looking. Instead they got this.


It’s no surprise that the ‘Bed Intruder Song’ is on the most shared list. After all, it was the most popular YouTube video of the year. I shared this song again and again, and so did a ton of other online video fanatics. Why is ‘The Bed Intruder Song’ so shareable? For starters, it’s shareable because it’s shocking. But more than that, it’s just a catchy song. It even made the Billboard Hot 100 earlier this year and has been stuck in my head on more than one occasion.

#5: Ken Block’s Gymkhana THREE, Part 2

We covered Ken Block’s Gymkhana THREE video in our weekly viral video roundup in mid-September when it had achieved 3.5 million views within three days. Now the video has over 22 million views, many thanks to sharing on Twitter and Facebook. The video, a viral ad for DC Shoes, starring the company’s Chief Brand Officer Ken Block, was also one of the top 10 branded video ad campaigns of 2010. In my mind there is no question about why this video was shared so many times. It’s just plain awesome. Who wouldn’t share a video as cool as this?

#6: Driscoll Middle School Trick Play

Whether or not you are a football fan you can appreciate this video. A middle school football team ran a trick play earlier this year that spread like wildfire. Basically, the quarterback just walked through the other team’s defense with the ball to score a touchdown. The other team was so caught off guard that they didn’t do anything.

We included this video in one of our weekly viral video roundups back in November. The video had 8.5 million views in the first five days alone and is now up to 14 million. Did you share this video?

#7: Down On Me (With Me And 50 Cent)

Keenan Cahill is back with another one of the most-shared videos of the year. This one starred 50 Cent as well, who makes an appearance at 1:20. People love this kid, they love sharing his videos and they love 50 Cent, so it’s no surprise that people shared this video like crazy when it hit YouTube in November.

#8: Cebu Pacific FAs Dancing

Surprise song and dance routines have become commonplace, with the growing popularity of flash mobs. However, the last place you would expect people to bust out their dance moves is on an airplane that is about to take off.

Cebu Pacific’s flight attendant dance video was so surprising that it started getting shared the moment it hit the YouTube streams, and it was viewed a whopping 5 million times in the first five days alone. Now the video is up to over 9.6 million views. Did you share it?

#9: Yosemitebear Mountain Giant Double Rainbow

Surprisingly, the Double Rainbow video was the first video on this list to be uploaded, hitting YouTube all the way back in January and going viral in July, yet it wasn’t shared as much as some of the other videos which have only been online for a couple of months. But in any case, it’s no surprise that Double Rainbow made the list of most shared videos this year.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a single person who hasn’t heard of the Double Rainbow video and hasn’t watched or shared this original clip or the Double Rainbow Song this year. Jimmy Kimmel got the ball rolling when he tweeted about the video over the summer, and people have been sharing it ever since.

#10: Christmas Food Court Flash Mob, Hallelujah Chorus

It’s pretty impressive that the Christmas Food Court Flash Mob made it on to the list of most shared YouTube videos this year, considering that it was only uploaded to YouTube a month ago. The video also secured the title of the most-viewed flash mob of all time, surpassing Frozen Grand Central, which had been viewed 24.4 million times in three years, in only a month!

This video was shared so much not only because flash mobs are popular and this one was executed quite well, but also because it was holiday themed and people love sharing videos for the holidays. The video has got over 28 million views so far, and only continues to spread as people Tweet it and share it with their friends on Facebook this holiday season.