Most Profitable UK Companies Choose Twitter over Facebook, YouTube

Twitter is the social network of choice for some of the top companies in the UK. According to data gathered about the companies in the FTSE100 – the share index of the 100 most highly capitalized UK companies trading on the London Stock Exchange – they overwhelmingly turn to Twitter rather than any other network to build their brand presence.

The Group Blog has been monitoring how these top companies use Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and blogs since November 2009.

45% of FTSE100 companies have, and use, a Twitter account, while another 17% are holding onto one but haven’t begun using it yet. Compare this to the 25% that have a Facebook page, the 39% that have a YouTube channel, and the 12% that have a corporate blog, and you can see just how popular Twitter is among these industry giants.

The Group Blog takes a detailed look at exactly how these companies are using Twitter. Many use it for broadcasting purposes, sharing their press releases and company information in a one-way format. Others engage with their followers, retweeting and responding to inquiries. And others are using Twitter to hunt for new talent.

As we reported back in November, Fortune 500s are also flocking to Twitter.

It looks like the ease of setting up a new account, the seamlessness of establishing new connections, and the visibility that Twitter brings to corporations are huge draws for some of the top companies in the world today. We expect even more corporate growth on Twitter throughout 2011.