Most Popular Stories On MediaJobsDaily Last Week, And Your Comments

Happy Friday, everyone! Here are the top five stories on MediaJobsDaily this past week:

Another Reason You Can’t Get A Reference On LinkedIn
Demand Studios Announces Premium Plan For Highest-Rated Writers
Freelancers: Pricing A Project
Another Plea For News Orgs To Stop Laying Off Copy Editors
Becomed Organizes Your Job Search

Top comments of the week—what’s that you say? More than one? Yes, this week we’re featuring two commenters, one on each side of the Demand Studios debate:

First is hoguey, who wrote:

If a writer could bang out two of these “greater word count” pieces in a single day, he or she would earn $160, or $20 an hour ($20 x 8 hours), which is about $8.00 less an hour than the average GM auto worker earns (toss in the cost of an auto worker’s yummy benefits, which of course the writer has NONE of, and the hourly tab shoots up to about $70). Point? You make less writing than building cars and with no benefits. Now THAT’S dedication.

Then comes Carynmurray, who wrote:

I think it’s wonderful for those top earners. While I agree that $15 isn’t great pay per article, that’s why I just don’t write for them. It’s that simple guys. Nobody who is over qualified would settle for that rate, but that rate is fair for those who are qualified for a $15/article rate.
I will also add that it’s also based on perspective. If you can pump out 2 articles a day, you should find another profession! It isn’t rocket science to write a ‘How To’ tutorial on something you know well, hence 2 or 3 articles an hour is more likely. That equates to about $45 an hour for a lot of the speedy writers, without affecting quality. The bottom line is, why complain? Most freelance assignments pay based on the overall value of each individual assignment. So if you’re competing against low wage writers… focus on the better paying assignments that require more skills!

All we know for sure is that we’ll definitely be keeping an eye on Demand Studios and its brethren online.

Now go enjoy your snowy weekend!