Most Popular FishbowlNY Stories for the Week

Here’s a look at what FishbowlNY stories made the most buzz this week.

  1. Former Newsweek President Explains Magazine’s “Disaster” First Quarter Ad Sales, April 18
  2. Journalism Tops List of Most Useless College Degrees, April 28
  3. Details Emerge on Bill Simmons’ Website, April 28
  4. Rachel Maddow Hints That Anderson Cooper Should Come Out, April 25
  5. Wonkette Pulls Post Mocking Trig Palin After Advertisers Boycott Site, April 22
  6. Friendster to Erase All User Photos and Blogs by May 31, April 26
  7. Anchor Ron Corning Joins WFAA in Dallas After Stint at News 12 Long Island, April 25

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