Most Popular FishbowlNY Stories for the Week

Here’s a look at what FishbowlNY stories made the most buzz this week.

  1. Does Matt Taibbi’s Rolling Stone Piece on Michele Bachmann Qualify for Plagiarism? June 24
  2. Tina Brown Speaks Out on Creepy Princess Diana Newsweek Cover, June 29
  3. Latest Newsweek Features Creepy Princess Diana Newsweek Cover, June 28
  4. Village Voice Staffers Set to Strike, Launch Alternative Site, June 28 
  5. The New York Post Didn’t Think Gay Marriage Bill Was Important, June 27
  6. Bruce Headlam on The Daily Show, June 24
  7. Merlin Media Moves Closer to Potential WRXP Flip, Names Walter Sabo COO, June 27 
  8. New York Wants Us All to Know When Frank Rich Debuts, June 27
  9. Esquire Sued for Over $100 Million Because of Satirical Article, June 29
  10. Life at The New York Observer: Treat Trump Kindly, June 27

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